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For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.

Our Vision and Mission

Christ Family is a ministry with a unique assignment to Raise God’s sons and daughters to their manifestation (Romans 8:19). We believe there is a greater wave of God’s glory and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit that is going to usher the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Through the revelation of the word and manifestation of the Holy Ghost, we are committed to birthing and raising believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to maturity, equipping them to take over in every sphere of life that God has sent them to. It has and will always be about empowering people to empower others.
In order to accomplish this and make a maximum global and generational impact, we have God-inspired institutions and activities to drive the vision through. Christ Family runs outreach programs which target communities.
No one changes the world without building and empowering themselves. Our focus is to present avenues through which believers in the body of Christ can be empowered to lead and leave a trail for others to follow after them. Here a glorious atmosphere is created to enable you to thrive spiritually and physically, making all-round progress that empowers you to take control over national and world affairs.

The Visionary

Prophet Emos Abamukong is an outstanding and dynamic minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, a powerful author whose books are a blessing to many worldwide. He is the visionary of Christ Family Ministries, an ever-growing ministry with the mandate to “raise the sons of God to their Manifestation through the preaching of the Word of God and the demonstration of the Spirit’s power”. His ministry is Characterized by transformational teaching of the Word, remarkable healings, and other manifestations of God’s Power. He hosts the well-known annual conference ‘INTIMACY’ which brings people into a deeper experience with God, celebrating our sonship in HIM.

His wife Pst. Mrs. Abigail Abamukong is an ordained and dynamic minister of the Gospel passionate about women walking in their fullness in God. She is the host of the life-transforming women‘s conference, The Virtuous Woman’s World and bestselling author of ‘The Invaluable Woman’. Pst. Mrs. Abigail Abamukong is a community development worker and nurse educator. Together, they are leading the fulfilment of God’s greatest assignment for these times; raising the sons of God to their manifestation