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Eternal life; the God-life

eternal life

One of the greatest fears of mankind if the fear of death. Everyone has a desire to live. Even natural people want to keep the breath in their nostrils for as long s they can. But the breath that animate men is not enough. What men yearn for is life. Something that empowers them to actually live. Not just exist. And that is the very heart desire of our heavenly father for every human. To live life and live it to the full. He is not content that you merely exist, so He sent Jesus Christ who is Himself eternal life.

Eternal life is the God quality of life (the same life God possesses). This life has been freely given to mankind because of God’s love demonstrated through Christ on the cross (john 3:16, john 10:28-30).

In order to better understand and appraise the reality of eternal life, it is important to understand the dynamics between the fall of man in sin and rise of man in Christ.

When man sinned against God in the garden (Genesis 3), man and everything under His dominion became corrupted by death. Man lost touch with God who is himself life and could not connect to God. On HIS part, God could barely relate with man.

Although the law was introduced as a means of temporal prevention and cleansing from sins, man in that sinful state was defeated and all his efforts to please God ended up in failure. (Heb 9:13)

Out of HIS love for mankind, God had to reconcile us back to Himself (Col 1:20). This was only possible through the death of Christ on the cross.

By the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, man was given free invitation to partake of the life of God. By believing and receiving Jesus as your lord and savior, you receive the life of God which is incorruptible, the life that cannot be overcome by death. This is because a person can only receive eternal life through Jesus (john 14:6).

When you receive the life of God, there is a great demand to live and maintain this life given to you. You do this by continuously sowing to the things of the spirit. (Gal 6:7-8). And taking upon yourself to do the will of God (1john 2:17).

If you are yet to receive the Life of God, you can become His child right now. All you need is a repentant heart and believe in Jesus’ eternal sacrifice to save you. Finally, you have to confess him as your Lord and savior. Let us lead you as you pray to receive Jesus into your heart. Make the following prayer

LORD GOD I come to you in the name of your Son Jesus Christ. You said in your Word that whosoever calls upon you will not be put to shame. I am sorry for turning y back against you and I ask that you forgive me of my sin. I want to know you as my father, so confess Jesus is my Lord and saviour and I ask you to fill me with your Holy Spirit and help me to live each day for you AMEN.