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Testimony of: Breakthrough, Provision, Success

I want to appreciate God and testify to the grace that is at work in Christ Family Ministries. I acquired office space for my company and it has taken my company to another level. I didn’t think I could afford an office at the moment but the man of God called me and told me he had seen an office space. At that time, I did not have even half of the amount for just the rent. I told the lady in charge I was going to come in 2 days but before that day the money was provided by God.

I didn’t have money to equip the office and furnish it and also had some compulsory financial contributions during that same period. I didn’t know how I was going to go about it. However, all of that was provided for just as the needs arose. Right now, the office is completely furnished.

The last thing which is of note is a generator which I just got. We had delays and couldn’t work because of constant power failures. I called the man of God and told him I’m believing God for a generator. The estimated cost was 150,000frs but I had just 15,000frs left. The man of God told me it has already been provided. I felt led to call my dad and when I told him about it, he told me we’ll go to Douala and get it the next day. Without any stress, I got the generator. I want to thank God for the provision

(Buea, Cameroon)
Testimony of: Healing, Favour

Last week after service on Sunday, the man of God made many declarations saying September is blessed and favoured. I needed to buy a gas bottle but the cost was too high. The lady asked for 32,000frs. On Tuesday when I returned home, my sister told me there is someone who has a gas bottle for me. This person gave me a gas bottle, a table, 2 chairs and 4 tablecloths for 32,000frs. I would like to thank God for his favour.

Also, my mother called me and said she fell and had an injury which caused her pain. The man of God told me to take a cup of water and ask her to drink. She got the water as instructed and after some time, she told me she felt much more relieved just after taking the water. I would like to thank for my spiritual parents for the grace of God over my life.

(Buea, Cameroon)
Testimony of: Deliverance

Hallelujah!! Glory to Jesus. I want to thank God for this testimony and my spiritual parents for the opportunity to testify. I want to thank God for his preservation and for healing me from depression. I gave up on a lot of things and I was discouraged about life.

One Friday while the man of God was praying, he asked those who were discouraged and felt like giving up to come out for prayers. I came out and the man of God prayed for me. I felt God lifting off that burden. This burden had made me unable to study and pray and I felt like God doesn’t love me anymore but it all changed after I was prayed for. The Accelerate prayer program especially has made me feel the love and blessings of God. I want to thank God for his grace and for taking me out of that state.

(Buea, Cameroon)
Testimony of: Healing, Deliverance, Spiritual Growth, Protection, Preservation

I’m so grateful to be in this house and to be under this grace. I want to thank God and my parents for this opportunity to testify. 2 Saturdays ago, my sister had an accident where 2 cars collided. Many people died in that accident but she was saved. When I saw the car, I knew it was only God that brought her out of it.

When I got to the hospital, the man of God prayed for me and assured me everything would be okay. I equally attended the online service that day and the man of God said the spirit is filled wherever we are and he told me to lay hands on my sister. I did and the swell she had on her head and chest went down. She suddenly started calling people and discussing, unlike the previous day when she couldn’t even talk. I could really see the hand of the grace that I’m under.

In the small car (where the accident happened), she was sitting in front next to the driver and the driver died. Even the person sitting at that back died but she survived. This could only be God. She has already been discharged by the doctor and she is strong. I just want to thank God for where I am. I want to thank God again for this Accelerate prayer program. My prayer altar had gone down. On the first day, the ma of God talked about the fire altar being revived and I felt a difference. He said the fire is getting to our houses and that day when I woke up, I could pray continuously for close to 4 hours. I just want to thank God for this revival.

Vera N.
(Buea, Cameroon)
Testimony of: Healing, Miracle

I came in from Douala, precisely Bonabéri on Friday, the second day of the Accelerate program. I was a bit late but I trusted God my journey would not be in vain. What brought me here is my baby. It was medically proven that my baby has 2 holes in her heart and this caused a lot of problems. Oxygenated blood couldn’t get through to her hands and this made them very white and looked strange. Her head also was imbalanced, which caused her face to be tilted. You could actually feel a depression in her head. 

But when we went back home on Friday after the man of God prayed for her, it was different. That night, I noticed her hands had changed. Blood could now flow through to her hands. Today, I also noticed her head is now normal, the depression is gone and the head is now flat. Standing here now, I’ve just noticed something about her. She is so quiet and at peace which wasn’t the case before. She usually got so frightened and cried uncontrollably when there was noise around (which is why she kept crying non-stop the first day we came here). But as we all can see, she’s so quiet and calm, although the noise of today is louder.

I just want to thank God for this mind-blowing miracle and for directing me here.

(Douala, Cameroon)
Testimony of: Provision, Favour

I want to thank my parents in the Lord for the opportunity to share my testimony. I believed God for my school fees and I was contemplating sending part of the money first since what I had was small. A friend of mine asked me how much it is and just told me not to bother, saying he would take care of it. Like God should have it, he didn’t only send the fees but extra money to it. I want to thank God for favour and financial provision. 

(Buea, Cameroon)
Testimony of: Protection, Preservation

I just want to give glory to God; He has been so wonderful to me. I want to thank my spiritual parents who watch over my soul and spirit.

Last week the man of God prayed against accidents and I’m grateful to God for the words and declarations. This week I’ve had so many attacks, physically and spiritually but I was preserved. I encountered an accident but I was completely unharmed. I want to thank God for all His preservation. `

(Buea, Cameroon)
Testimony of: Miracle, Favour, Success

I want to thank my spiritual parents for giving me a testimony. My life is a miracle and a testimony. My studies at the university were smooth and I had no complaints. God brought me out from many challenges and battles, even those I couldn’t tell.

A lecturer got to me and rectified this problem, which is very strange because he is someone who wouldn’t be so concerned and reaching out to help. That could only have been God. I also want to thank God for healing. My limbs used to be unequal from childhood and the day the man of God prayed for me, I noticed a change. Right now, they’re equal and it gives me a better balance. I just want to appreciate God for everything He’s doing in my life.

(Buea, Cameroon)