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Walson’s testimony of redirection and Favour

I want to thank God for my spiritual father and I want to thank God for the grace of God that is upon me. Normally, I have been arts inclined from small. When I started graphic designing, it was because the need came up in church. I didn’t even know I could make money from it. 

There was a particular software I have been using and the whole thing seemed like chemistry. After a while, the man of God said I had to forget about all the software and switch to that particular one. My brother (who is an engineer) said the same. When I started using it the second time, I understood it more than I could. The man of God told me it’s not all about doing the designing but the spirit of designing is what makes the difference. I took that word.

Over time I have gotten wonderful deals from people, even from people I didn’t know. That is how God has been promoting me to a point where I can teach people. I can say that I am preferred above people who seem to even do better than me. I know it is because of the grace of God over me. God has been opening wonderful doors and he is still opening doors. Hallelujah!!