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Vera’s testimony of Spiritual growth

I want to, first of all, thank my spiritual parents for all they do. I equally want to thank God for I have always asked to hear Him and for Him to give me instructions and He did. On Wednesday I was at work when I suddenly got informed my colleague was in a critical condition and battling for her life. I rushed to the scene and met her struggling. The holy spirit told me to pray for her but I told myself I’ll pray for her when the environment was calm and after most people had left but again I heard the holy spirit insist telling me if I go and she dies I’ll be held responsible.

I instructed the students around to leave and I began praying for her. I rebuked the spirit of death as instructed by the holy spirit and she regained herself. She later woke up about 45 minutes later and this time it was worse. I again prayed for her and kept rebuking the spirit of death. She eventually regained herself finally after struggling for the third time. I left and when I came back in the morning to check on her she was fine. She told me while she battled for her life, she found herself at a position where there were 2 roads. She was about taking that which leads to death when she heard me calling her name and saying she wasn’t going to die.

I just want to thank God for what he did using me and I also want to appreciate my spiritual parents for raising me to this point. I truly am a son of God and I’m living in that experience.¬†Hallelujah!!