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Testimony of Revival – Melody

On the last day of ACCELERATE ; 3 days prayer program, August edition, I broke my fast at about 9:30 pm. At about 1:30 am I was about sleeping but that night I knelt down to pray, thinking I was going to pray briefly and just sleep. I was quiet for a few minutes, then I began praying in tongues. I later stood up to feel the prayer atmosphere and get deeper

I started walking back and forth, I kept praying and speaking in tongues over and over again until the day broke. I tried to stop at some point but I couldn’t. Several things happened that I couldn’t explain.

My eyes were opened and I saw a lot of things. I was around the same spot from 2 am till 7 am without sleeping. This has never happened before. I’ve tried praying for  long before but couldn’t exceed 30 minutes. This could only be God and I know there is power here. I want to thank God for this upliftment.