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Testimony of Growth

Praise the Lord!! I want to thank God for His grace over my life. His grace has been so evident in my life. On Thursday, I had my graduation and I was the best graduating student. I started this program when I joined the Christ Family Leadership Academy, so I was putting to practice all the lessons Pastor Mrs Abigail Abamukong was giving. Led by the Spirit, I also wrote down words of affirmation and declarations which I spoke out every day. And those words indeed went ahead to shape things for God’s glory

On the day of the graduation, the training manager made a speech that I related back to the Leadership Academy Training, as he appreciated my show of leadership and excellence. I want to thank God, especially for the Leadership Academy. It’s been so empowering

Even in my department, they later said they made a mistake because I was supposed to be the leader. The leadership spirit in me is so evident in the eyes of all around me due to the impartation I’ve gotten. Hallelujah