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Testimony of Breakthrough and Direction

I want to first of all start by thanking God for His direction and for leading me to Christ Family Ministries. The very first day I stepped into Christ Family, the man of God told me he sees me struggling with pending documents. I had never seen or spoken to him before but he told me he sees a turnaround in that struggle and that he doesn’t know how God is going to do it but I was going to testify of His Mighty works. I had pending documents with the government for 17 years now. Due to this, I couldn’t get paid for my work and allowances. There was equally no hope of a solution to this at that time.

After staying in Christ Family Ministries for a while I got a call saying a decision was made for the documents to be approved but for 4 years instead. So it was cancelled and I was told it was going to be rectified and signed for the total 17years just like the man of God had declared. Towards the end of December, I got a call and was told to come to Yaounde as soon as I could. I couldn’t go immediately due to the fact that I had to go to the forest for my work so I decided to go after returning. I was told there were 2 documents pending but the other was rejected while mine was accepted. Even the people following up on my documents told me the hand of God is really on me.

I went for my work in the forest and returned and was set to travel. Due to the fact that I delayed, the people following up on my documents went to the treasury and withdrew the money (the whole payment and benefits for the 17 years including my mother’s death allowance were included).

I got worried and a bit scared because I thought of the possibility of the guys running away with my money but that wasn’t the case. I got to Yaounde on Monday and they called asking for my location. Surprisingly, they brought the money to my house in full, including their share for assisting me to follow up on the documents that I had to deduct and give them by myself. This was very surprising as they equally told me I was to start receiving my mother’s pension, not just 60,000frs like I thought but 130,000frs every month for 1 year.

I want to thank God for my man and woman of God Prophet Emos Abamukong and Pastor Mrs Abigail Abamukong because through their presence in my life and prayers I could experience supernatural breakthroughs. Impossibilities became possible. Glory to God for he lifted me above my expectations not only spiritually but financially and morally as well. Hallelujah