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Sheritta Ngembou

This morning I’m thanking God for the Easter healing service.

2 years ago, my mother had an issue where she couldn’t menstruate but she wasn’t pregnant. She had 3 different operations and they told her she won’t be able to conceive and if she does, the baby won’t survive. During the days surrounding the easter healing conference, the man of God asked us to pray and commit those far away as well using pictures if we had them. I prayed with my mother’s picture and that same month she called and told me she was pregnant.

It’s like the devil was fighting the pregnancy and she was very ill.  She got admitted and stayed in the hospital for 8 days. She had to do an ultrasound but it took so long because they couldn’t see the position of the baby. 

On Friday she sent me a message that they told her they had to terminate the pregnancy since the baby wasn’t sitting well.  I felt bad and discouraged but believed there’s nothing impossible for God and I stayed connected to the teachings I got from the easter healing conference. I prayed for her and later and I went to write my examination. 

After that, I called her and she told me she was fine. She sounded very sharp and happy and told me the baby is okay and they would no longer be terminating the pregnancy. Now she’s fine and the baby is okay. I just want to thank God for healing my mother.