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Queency’s Testimony of Awakening and Redirection

I want to thank God for my spiritual parents and how they raised me because my prayer life has been revived and I’ve become awakened and conscious of many things even before they happen. My testimony is God telling me about someone close to me having an accident which he could not have survived. I prayed against it and trusted God for preservation. A few days later he called me and told me he had an accident just as I saw it but it wasn’t severe, he wasn’t injured. I saw the hand of God strongly in it because the accident’s severity was reduced and all damages were cancelled.

The second person I saw was my brother, who had issues with the police and it happened.  He had an issue with the police but God brought someone to the scene and the person settled everything and my brother was released, without any further complications or lengthy procedures, like how it mostly happens with other people. I just want to appreciate God for awakening my spirit and giving me directions.