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Nadia’s Testimony of Breakthrough

I want to first of all appreciate God for my spiritual parents because of their impact in my life this far. In 2020, we were asked to submit project topics for my master’s degree thesis which I did but my name wasn’t on the list when it was released. It took longer than I imagined and my family got worried as well. They even proposed looking for another means through connections to get me a supervisor and for me to be given a project topic.

I spoke to the man of God about it and he told me not to panic and that it was just a test. My family felt disappointed and told me they won’t assist me to do anything again in case the situation gets worse since I didn’t want to listen to them. I got worried and a bit scared and called the man of God but he told me not to panic and still that everything would be okay. I stayed calm just like he said. I was told to work with someone while waiting and hoping I get included on the list and the topic I was given to work on was very challenging for me. After working on it for a while, thieves broke into my house and stole my laptop. I had no backup for my work and I didn’t know what to do at this point. 

I went to school on Wednesday last week to see my HOD and she told me my name has been added to the list and I was given the exact topic I initially wanted and was asked to chose a supervisor. Hallelujah!! I just want to appreciate God for His mighty works in my life and for showing me a way forward.