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I want to honour God for giving me a testimony. Last week Prophet Emos instructed us to go home and write everything God has done for us and before next week there would be lifting. When I went back and did this, I burst into tears realizing that God has done a lot and I was being ungrateful because I was not taking into account his goodness in my life. I realized I only kept asking without appreciating what God has done for me so far.

I also looked at my consistency in studying the word and realized that I could study the word of God more and I could stay longer in his presence. During the last Accelerate 3 Days Prayer program with the Man of God, Prophet Emos Abamukong, I felt the presence of three angels standing close to me during the Accelerate program. When I explained this to the prophet, he told me that was what the Lord wanted me to do, to be in His presence. After that, I realized I really had the grace to study the word of God. I felt the difference. I could understand His word and I didn’t want to leave His presence each time I spent time with God. I just want to glorify God for this