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I’m so grateful to be in this house and to be under this grace. I want to thank God and my parents for this opportunity to testify. 2 Saturdays ago, my sister had an accident where 2 cars collided. Many people died in that accident but she was saved. When I saw the car, I knew it was only God that brought her out of it.

When I got to the hospital, the man of God prayed for me and assured me everything would be okay. I equally attended the online service that day and the man of God said the spirit is filled wherever we are and he told me to lay hands on my sister. I did and the swell she had on her head and chest went down. She suddenly started calling people and discussing, unlike the previous day when she couldn’t even talk. I could really see the hand of the grace that I’m under.

In the small car (where the accident happened), she was sitting in front next to the driver and the driver died. Even the person sitting at that back died but she survived. This could only be God. She has already been discharged by the doctor and she is strong. I just want to thank God for where I am. I want to thank God again for this Accelerate prayer program. My prayer altar had gone down. On the first day, the ma of God talked about the fire altar being revived and I felt a difference. He said the fire is getting to our houses and that day when I woke up, I could pray continuously for close to 4 hours. I just want to thank God for this revival.