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Michael’s testimony of Divine provision

I want to appreciate God and testify to the grace that is at work in Christ Family Ministries. I acquired office space for my company and it has taken my company to another level. I didn’t think I could afford an office at the moment but the man of God called me and told me he had seen an office space. At that time, I did not have even half of the amount for just the rent. I told the lady in charge I was going to come in 2 days but before that day the money was provided by God.

I didn’t have money to equip the office and furnish it and also had some compulsory financial contributions during that same period. I didn’t know how I was going to go about it. However, all of that was provided for just as the needs arose. Right now, the office is completely furnished.

The last thing which is of note is a generator which I just got. We had delays and couldn’t work because of constant power failures. I called the man of God and told him I’m believing God for a generator. The estimated cost was 150,000frs but I had just 15,000frs left. The man of God told me it has already been provided. I felt led to call my dad and when I told him about it, he told me we’ll go to Douala and get it the next day. Without any stress, I got the generator. I want to thank God for the provision