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Janet’s testimony of favour and healing

Last week after service on Sunday, the man of God made many declarations saying September is blessed and favoured. I needed to buy a gas bottle but the cost was too high. The lady asked for 32,000frs. On Tuesday when I returned home, my sister told me there is someone who has a gas bottle for me. This person gave me a gas bottle, a table, 2 chairs and 4 tablecloths for 32,000frs. I would like to thank God for his favour.

Also, my mother called me and said she fell and had an injury which caused her pain. The man of God told me to take a cup of water and ask her to drink. She got the water as instructed and after some time, she told me she felt much more relieved just after taking the water. I would like to thank for my spiritual parents for the grace of God over my life.