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Henriette’s Testimony of Spiritual growth and Healing

I want to start by thanking my spiritual parents for the opportunity to testify. Last Sunday before coming to church I had already prepared my mind and I had an expectant heart. I believed the man of God was going to prophesy to me. When the man of God called me out, he mentioned on Thursday evening I prayed and I wanted a change that I didn’t want to remain the same. The man of God said exactly what I wrote down as my prayer points and I was so surprised. 

When I went to school on Friday, I was going to take class fellowship that day and they told me to teach them how to be led by the spirit. I was shocked because their messages are usually very different. But the holy spirit told me your audience is ready. I just said the holy spirit should lead. While doing the 40mins lesson I was surprised. There are scriptures I had never used but I just saw myself doing it. Nobody realized I had spoken for 2 hours instead of 40mins. After that, they got to me and were saying they really needed to hear this. When I sat down that was when I realized I had actually spoken for that long without anyone complaining or noticing. 

When I went home many people got to me and asked where I fellowship. I told them about Christ Family Ministries and some told me of their challenges.  I referred them to the telegram channel and told them to listen to the messages. They came back telling me the telegram channel is so powerful and mind-blowing. I just want to thank God for being led by the spirit. On Friday I had a sharp pain and was a bit weak but I told myself I was going to church and it doesn’t matter where the pain was coming from, it was going to stop. Immediately after the holy communion as I ate the bread and drank I felt the pain being quenched and I was okay. I just want to thank God for his power at work in me. Hallelujah!!