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Divine’s Testimony of Direction

I want to first of all thank God for bringing me to Christ Family Ministries. I don’t know what exactly directed me here but I just felt like I had to come here. I was already a born-again Christian for some time but I felt like my church wasn’t giving me enough. I didn’t attend service in my church all through January because I felt very reluctant and a bit low in my spirit which made me worried but I still stayed back. However, in this same month, towards the end, I saw a flyer talking about the healing service in Christ Family Ministries which drew my attention. From there I felt a strong urge to come to Christ Family Ministries, which I did.

Ever since I came here I felt so edified. I always want to attend service and get more. Missing a service now makes me feel like I’m losing a lot as I always have something powerful to leave with. I always felt the need to be submitted to a man of God for guidance and redirection and I am thankful to God because I found one. I am convinced I am where I have to be. I feel so elated and I feel the power of God in my life more than I ever felt before. Hallelujah!!