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Brenda Testimony of healing

I want to appreciate God and my spiritual parents for the privilege to testify. I want to thank God for the just-ended healing conference. I got a lot of empowerment. After writing my examinations on Tuesday I got a call from my mom and she told me she wasn’t well, she had side pains.

My sister told me she had gone for an echography and it was very severe. The echography report showed a growth which was the cause of all the pain according.

I told her I don’t want to believe the Doctor’s report. I prayed for her and told her to confess her healing and believe she would be okay.

I later called to check on her and she had moved to the road although she couldn’t even walk earlier when we spoke. I was happy when I realized she was now okay and even had the strength to move to the road.

After this incident, I spoke with the Man of God and told him about my mom’s health and he simply said “be healed” and told me she is okay. Later when I called to check on her again she told me she was going to Bamenda to do another echography to confirm the state of her health.

She went there and did the echography and the doctor said they can’t find anything anymore. This was the same place where they told her there was a growth but the result was different this time.

Hallelujah!! I just want to thank God for His word in this house is so powerful and I appreciate God and my spiritual parents for raising me to this level