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Brain’s testimony of financial open doors.

I want to start by thanking God and my spiritual parents for the opportunity to testify. After receiving prophecies from the man of God, I believed everything would be okay. After the Sunday when the man of God prophesied to me, I went back home and realized my prayers changed. I felt God talking to me and I didn’t have the urge to sleep like before. I prayed longer that day.

When the man of God prophesied to me and specified the amount of money I had on me I was surprised. I used to have money and still limit myself from feeding and many other things because I spent a lot on repairs of the car I was driving. My friend who has the car told me he needed money and wanted to sell the car. I had put the car on sale but had no buyer. The man of God had prophesied I would receive money in hundreds of thousands but I was confused because I wasn’t expecting money from anyone. I believed though I didn’t know how.

The same Sunday I got a call and someone told me he wanted to see the car. I told him I was still in church but would get to him after church. There was a fault that the first buyer complained about so I felt like this guy would have the same complaint and might not buy it. But the guy told me he wanted to check by driving and getting a mechanic to check. He drove the car and took it to a mechanic and I was afraid the mechanic would notice a fault, but I accepted to follow him to his mechanic who said the car was okay. I was previously told there was a fault which was to be repaired with 60,000frs but this time nothing was found. That same Sunday they got back to me later with the others who wanted the car and said we should go to the police to finalize the transaction.

We met and they paid the money in full including what I added to the actual amount which the owner of the car asked me to sell. I thought from the state of the car they won’t accept to pay what I was adding to it but everything went well. I thought they might go back and discover a fault but they didn’t. I met the new person who’s driving the car now and he didn’t mention any complaints. I actually received the hundreds of thousands prophesied to me by the man of God. I just want to thank God because I used to witness testimonies like this and I had the opportunity to testify too.  I just want to appreciate God and my spiritual father for this manifestation.