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Discovering the principles that govern the earth and applying them is a path towards glory. By applying principles in your walk with God, you experience tremendous growth. Honour is one of the principal laws that govern the kingdom. To honour is to assign high value to something or to someone. It is a key that unlocks doors in the realm of the spirit. Bear in mind that the keys have already been given to us (Matthew 16:19). However, we have to come to Christ before getting full access to those keys.

How do we give honour?

Honour stems from the heart and when the seed of honour grows in you, Christ starts to gain expression through you. In order to experience the tremendous growth that comes with honour, it is important to have an understanding of who/what you ought to honour.

Who do you give honour to?

The first person you ascribe honour to is God (1Samuel 2:30), for God honours those that honour Him. It is worth noting that you don’t honour God with your lips, but with your heart. Your heart must be invested in it.
Your honour for God opens you up to greater dimensions of the supernatural.

Secondly, you need to honour principles. God’s principles are instructions from Him that the Bible requires you to honour. God doesn’t open you up to the next dimension of operation unless you obey the previous.

Lastly, honour for men (1Peter 2:17) Honouring men is a key that opens doors among men. It is important to honour; governments (Romans 13:2), households (Ephesians 6:2-3) and the church. By Honor, you attract the anointing on some other person’s life. It creates room for graces to be transferred.

Sow the seed of honour always and enjoy the harvest it produces in all areas of your life.