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Many people know about the power of prayers and people pray for different reasons. Usually, the predominant reason for praying is to get answers or solutions to problems. But what happens when prayers are not answered? Could it be a fault on your part? Or is God simply uninterested sometimes? Is it true that you have exhausted all options? Did you try Praise and Worship?

Praise and worship are forms of prayer you should engage when simply asking or making requests to God fails. Understanding the Power of Praise and Worship is very important in the Life of a Christian.

But first, what does it really mean to praise and worship God?

To praise means to exalt or elevate another and to worship is to adore, cherish and pour out kind and affectionate words to a beloved one. Adoration to God is pouring out words of affection for all He has done.
However, true worship doesn’t necessarily have to be based on what someone has done but on who the person is to you. So worship comes from a heart full of love for God and praises from a heart full of Thanksgiving to God.

Praise and worship are not just powerful but prayerful.

There are times people prayed and didn’t get results but after praising and worshipping, they got results.
Note that prayer shouldn’t only be on the basis of supplications but adoration and thanksgiving. A child of God who praises and worships God, proclaiming His mighty acts at all times is unlimited but one who doesn’t is so limited.
Thanksgiving plugs you into the inexhaustible riches of God.

God is looking for worshippers because worship declares His greatness. By worshipping God, your person is brought down and He is lifted up. Worship God for who He is, for He is great, He is king, He is mighty, He is sovereign and you will walk in victory.